In Grenada, B-Parkey's Car & Jeep Rental is the right stop for you.

B-Parkey's Rental is your one stop in Grenada for
* Clean Cars * Automatic Cars * Reasonably Priced Cars *

B-Parkey's car and jeep rental is located in the south of Grenada near the airport and offers reliable car and jeep rental services. We can drop off and pick up your rental vehicle.

At B-Parkey's Car and Jeep Rental our customers always come first.
Don't wait... call B-Parkey's Car and Jeep Rental in Grenada and ask for the deal of the day!

GRENADA +1 (473) 405 4133 or +1 (473) 444 4222 USA +1 (347) 442 9707
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